Saturday, April 05, 2008

More about Final year project

How long was your longest report? One of my friend hit 150pgs lerh!!!! oimeh?
those pharm care gp no need to say larh, coz they included all their survey questions as well.

So this is my more-than-100-hours efforts on 64 pgs final year project. It took me alot of efforts to reduce the page number from 80 plus to 64pgs. Blair wants it to be 'short and precious' mah. Or mayb 'short and sweet' sounds better? :)

04/04/08 marked the date where Final year project - G.G

Lots of final year projects found on the library table. Hmmm...

And finally, a nice picture in the library before we handed in our projects in the metal cabinet...

30 more days left to final exams... Shhhhhhhh

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