Saturday, April 05, 2008

learn the word, say GG with me


Finally handed up my research project this morning, or perhaps, waited for the queue for so long that i actually handed my PRECIOUS reports in at noon.

Crazy larh this final year project.

But at least, as the name said, its the final year punya project, FINAL project for my entire life.

my efforts = long hours infront of the comp. not too bad larh, just the final night i slept merely 4 hours. @___@



Learn the word people k. Say it, G.G.

So happie larh, congratulate each other and take picture with each other after getting the projects done.

However, this is just a beginning. People, its only 31 days left to final exam week!!!!

There is a good news on pegasus that timetable for pp3 and dds has been swapped. Which means we will be sitting dds a week earlier and sit for pp3 last (only applicable to minority of ppl lur, SOBS!).

Gambatehne bah!

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