Monday, April 14, 2008

Interesting pics

Photograping is a really fun art to play with. Timing is everything, particularly in the case of snapping one amazing photograph. At times, you might be waiting through a whole sports game just to get some lucky shots, provided that you have a really good digital camera.

There are some really good shots here :

And there are too many things that you can witness just from the track and field sports alone.

Or do you think that they are not good enough??

Take a look at real life shots back to IMU cup 2005 @ bukit jalil stadium :

Top - Chim tam ming and Bottom - Shirlyn Tan

Eh Eh, did you notice that both of them are actually flying okay? their feets above the air larh!!!

Next, we have Joe quah from p104!! He is trying really hard!!

Followed by ti3n flying towards the finishing line...

Not to forget, yannee with the best/worst face expression captured on the track in year 2005!

And then a really close shot of edmond near the finishing line!

Finally we have the mvp of the day of year 2005 - Eeyan.

Group pic of pharmacy team @ track and field - IMU cup 2005!

And my best ever track and field experience was still the night during IMU cup 2006 a year back!!

miss those times...

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