Monday, April 14, 2008

Blackyard Technologies

There is this post exchange programme recently, just launched yesterday and here i am for my first post exchange with another lucky blogger anywhere in the world who is also doing this post-exchange. It is simple, i am writing one in a hope of getting someone lucky to write a good review on my site - just that! :P

BlackYard Technologies is an ICT blog which provides useful information about the webpage procucts and webpage services to the web community. Many newly launched technologies, breaking technology news and IT related hardwares and softwares are being reviewed by BlackYard Technologies.

BlackYard Technologies talk about how to catch the latest news online. It reveals that HowTo Fm is a good site to grab the latest current news headlines. There are a wide selection of stories, thus you would not be bored at the same old story at any one time.

BlackYard Technologies revealed that iphone was dominating in today's smartphone market. "BTW, smartphones are devices running Windows Mobile, Symbian, and RIM operating systems. It is quite staggering to check out the numbers since the iPhone is clearly the leader in browsing, web searching, video content, social networking and blogging, and music consumption." iPhone is definitely a good choice for its large, beutiful video display, plus great orientated content and user-friendly.

Anyone who is interested in IT stuffs, click for BlackYard Technologies.

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