Sunday, April 06, 2008

How much would you pay for this?

That is the how the food court @ buchanan gallery looks like.

Left - Burger king, Middle - Eastern treats and Right - Cafe Select

P/S : ignore wong ah moi k? she was there for the photoshoot session mah.

Lets take a closer look :

Eastern treats is where we guys working with during the weekend. And today i want to introduce to you guys - Cafe Select @ buchanan gallery.

Instead of a burger meal from Burger King, i tried something different today.

One jacket potatoe with bbq chicken filling, salad/ice-cream and a soft drink.

It was not bad. If you are sienz with burger meal from bk, then you can try this jacket potatoe set. It costs you about the same price with bk, but of coz not dai larh. A good choice for snack time mayb?

p/s : this is not my main meal okay? i tau sek alot from eastern treats while working. lolz.

How much are you willing to pay for this lunch meal??

DOnt play play

Its selling for 5 pounds nett = rm 32

Lucky me get to eat them when i want to, all thks to my boss - Eastern treats :)

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