Sunday, March 09, 2008

ways to clear hiccups!

Guys, i find the following infos are quite essential for the each of us to know -

A Cure for Hiccups (A Cure for Hiccoughs)

There are many ways to cure hiccups. yeap, MANY.

Some of you might find it as a joke, but i can tell you that it works, depends on individual.

Cures involving your breath (or respiratory tract) -
  • Take three to five of the deepest breaths you can. [ tested by chohuiyin, it works :) ]
  • Relax and breathe from your diaphragm.
  • Breathe in through your mouth as deeply as you can, as if you you're going to sigh. Count to ten, then let your breath out with a sigh.

p/s : the test that have failed at least once is marked with (X)

There are some moves that i doubt their effectiveness -

  • Laugh (X)
  • Say "pineapple." (X)
  • Make yourself vomit.
  • Talk non-stop for ten seconds. (X)
  • Stimulate your clitoris. For women only.
  • Scream for as long as you can.
  • Run; keep running for at least 10 minutes after the hiccups have subsided. @_@ (X)
  • Drink three big gulps of cold water (X)
  • Take a big sip of water, bend over and swallow it.
  • Quickly drink a cup of room temperature Coca-Cola.
  • Slowly eat a mandarin orange, sucking it against the soft palate.
  • Being scared by someone (by ming)

And of cause, as a future pharmacist of university of strathclyde, you need to aware that these drugs/herbs can actually help to cure hiccups -

  • Magnesia phosphoricum.
  • Smelling salts.
  • Take anything that would make you sneeze.
  • Lidocaine drops in the ears combined with sleep-inducing cough medicine
  • Take repeated small sips of a full beer with a short pause between sips (a second or less).
  • According to bnf --> antipsychotic can be used to cure hiccups too eg. chlorpromazine and haloperidol. (is worth remembering - thks ming)

So that is all about it. Do remember some useful ways to help yourself or your loved ones. And drop me a note if i have missed out anything.



~ming~ said...


did u actually go through bnf for the drugs????

and btw, being scared by someone helps too! i had hiccups on day at tuition, and my tutor suddenly marah-ed me for no reason. she then said it was to cure my hiccups. it worked!


ti3nD said...

haha. thks for ur comment. i have added ur views in the post :P

Anonymous said...

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