Friday, March 14, 2008

today is a good day!

I just feel great.

My dad read my blog on JBC broke in and he thought i made up the story on my own. @_@ It must be my lazy bro who didnt read the entire entry and asked my dad to read it. Bro lost to Ryan in Malaysia Closed taekwondo Competition today. No details yet.

Today is the very last day that we (p105) attended lectures. Gona blog about it on another entry later on tonight.

I went swimming classes again. I remembered i wasnt happy with he coach during my previous swimming lesson. It proved me right that different coaches treat the swimmers differently.

Today we have Mark. He gave me a very bad impression on last sunday when he blamed me for booking both futsal and basketball for 2 continuos hours. I wasnt happy with his manner.

But today, he showed me a different personality! He is a very nice guy. I just like the way he taught us! Step by step, simple and yet effective ways. As compared to the ham sap old man - full of bullshit and pay little attention to MALE swimmers. I finally master my legs today. Hopefully i dont repeat my mistakes anymore. Thank you Mr. Mark. :)
My swimming skills status : 3.5/10
By the way, Edmond booked the futsal court from 10am - 11am next tuestday. Anyone interested? Drop me a msg bah.

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