Sunday, March 02, 2008

Swimming in glasgow, again

I remembered i blogged about swimming in glasgow twice - 1st time & 2nd time and this is the 3rd entry dy.

So what is my current swimming progression, well, can say got little bit of improvement bah -


I went swimming with 3 other hsemates for about 7-8times plus went beginner classes for 3times dy.

And yesterday, although it was raining, i insisted to go for the beginner class again. Because i want to learn to swim.

my swimming skill status - 2.5/10?

I know learning is a hard process. You will need to learn from the basics again and again and again. im a trainer too. i know the rules. And this horny ah pek trainer always ignore me. Always never teach me anything (opps he did - just correct me the right way to kick water - throughout the 1hr). Oh well, its okay, as long as i have my own sweet time swimming around in the pool, i dont mind.

He said he is afraid that he couldnt make it for next week's lesson. In my heart, i feel damn happie, finally i dont have to face him to learn swimming - the first time was a lady taking over his session, and i feel more belong to the class than the 2nd and 3rd time by this ah pek!

im still a noob swimmer!

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