Saturday, January 12, 2008

swimming in glasgow

Its Winter now larh, swimming in glasgow??? wth????

You can.

There is a swimming pool under university of strathclyde near royal college. Ohhh did i not mention it before - it is an indoor swimming pool with warm water, no cold water - and the showering area gives u warm water too!!

It is a small swimming pool, 20m long, with 7-8 lanes. The environment is very nice as there werent too many ppl there yesterday.

check the timetable here before making your way to the swimming pool.

So wanna take some pics and i actually asked the staff. but too bad he only allows me to take pics of the swimming pool when there is no one in the pool as to protect individual's privacy. Well, i guess this wouldnt be the first and last time, so i can just wait for the next ready-to-swim time.

8 more days to pp3 resit...........

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