Saturday, January 12, 2008

More info on rugby game

One of the famous sport in the world today is rugby game.

The website rbs6nations provide you with almost every single information you need regarding rugby game

You can obtain the game fixtures in advance and results of RBS six nations online. If your famous team is Italy, then you cannot miss out the upcoming big match between Italy and Ireland at Croke Park on the 2nd of the coming month. Where as Italy will be facing France at Stade de France on sunday March 9th at 4pm. You can search from the database to find out the results back in 15 years back to 1991 or the most updating results in year 2007.

Besides that, there is a photo gallery where you can access and grab your favourite photos from your favourite team. The photo gallery has been sorted out to aid the search. For example, you can specifically search on the pictures taken during the match of Scotland VS Italy in year 2007.

Did you missed out any big match? Do not worry because as long as you like rugby game, you can watch the video highlights from rbs6nations website.

Last but not least, you can check the most updating news about rugby game at rbs6nations.

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