Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the reduced price chick!

What i meant was CHICKEN!
okay, since my first blog on chicken feast , we didnt get to eat a whole chicken until today...

it was a mistake made by them! notice the 2different stickers STATING the original price WAS ... i double confirm its price with the staff before i take any move. ;p grabbed the chicken n walked home happily then ;) full of satisfaction today, with this big fat chicken serving as dinner ;p LOLZ


cook? nah...we dont have to cook it. just throw it in the microwave @ 650 watt n 'teng' for 6minutes, stand for 2mins n further 'teng' for another 6mins. There u go......A BIG ROASTED CHICKEN, served with rice, enuf for 4guys!

Its alwiz good to drop by co-op wheneva u pass by, although there is only like a 1/10 chance of you getting cheap plus 'jeng' stuffs like this! ur choice ;p

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