Wednesday, December 05, 2007

more nott games' pics...

~ nottingham campus!! ~
~ glasgow basketball team ~

The above pics all from selene ;)

I find this pic quite interesting. There is this movie called baseKetball - baseball + basketball = baseKetball
i hav tried google search and no such thing exist larh...sienz diao!

While i curi the following pics from Di punya facebook ;p they managed to take a bus and go to the city plus go to the other hall to have a feast on MALAYSIA FOOD. what to do, players cant go anywhere geh but to stay at the arena, not even given any lunch break ;/ last time tkd oso like, alwiz alwiz, parents or tkd coach will go out to tapao chicken rice/malay rice, nothing else. lolz.

~ a great lake view, at nott uni ~

~ curry puff, 3 for 1pound, back to imu or anywhere, 3 for rm1... ~
~ NASI LEMAK 2.50 pounds, they say very da nice worh,
uncle lim missed this for me arh! ~
~ again, a lake view...~ ~ robin hood spotted... ~
~ lau wee yeaw's fav spotted too.. ~
~ Old market square ~
~ nice building.. ~

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