Thursday, December 20, 2007

off they go...

One of the customer claimed that the fog outside is very thick today.

My supervisor showed me black face this morning. I wondered why in the start. I was the second one to arrive after him. An hour later, i found out the reason - because another staff actually arrived late for more than an hour to work, AGAIN, where he needs to 'teng' her to do the morning cooking, yes this is the second time i witnessed the same person to come to work late dy (take note that i only work weekend, but now xmas week so can work weekday also, she is a full time worker, is this the only 2times?). He warned her not to be late the next time. Later in the afternoon, my supervisor got super angry again, because he reminded her not to touch the spare 'till' (cash machine), and someting actually went wrong after her itchy hands went and touched it. The other time during cooking, supervisor asked her not to put dark sauce for thai noodles, 2secs after he said that she go and put the sauce, and he caught her, damn funny rite? @.@ This time, he threatened her gao gao!! He said 'evytime i ask u to do this, u neva do, each time i ask u not to do this but u go and do it, NO MORE NEXT TIME PLS, If this happen again next time, i wont be seeing u anymore, do you get what i mean?!!!!' The gal kept quiet and her eyes were abit red larh. But then later when my supervisor walked away she came and complained that our supervisor's attitude very weird -_-"

Our business is going good. I said 'our', like im part of it pulak, LOLZ. Weekday sales normally will hit 800 pounds max, weekend sales hit 2k pounds before. EASTERN TREAT - SELLING ASIAN FOOD in buchanan galleries lerh @.@ TODAY, we made 1k pounds before 6pm!!!! He is very happie and for the first time, he promised to treat all of us to eat ice-cream. lolz. in the end, he came back with a cup of hot chocolate for wen jiun only cos he said the ice-cream machine is not working!CIS!

When i stepped out buchanan gallery at 6.10pm, WALAOYEAH!! ITS DAMN BLOODY FOGGY LERH!!! bumped into pei ling n she claimed that yesterday oso like that, 100% humidity according to weather forecast. bumped into fionna next who is on her way to shopping at near 6.30pm -_-" last minute sales??? lolz.

Khai yong n gang going ski-ing in prague liao. Ed going honeymoon in another hour. Wish them have a safe n fun trip!! ;)

anyway, im really tired. @.@ lifeless holidays..... G.G

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