Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HOLIDAY lur...

I caught a pic of a halve moon at 3.30PM. yeah 3.30pm! weird huh?
Today weather is freaking cold. -3 degrees celcius, the first time we feel so cold.

The ending of DDS exam is a marking for the start of chrismas holidays for many of us. FEEL SO NICE AFTER IT. just this one small classtest-4chapters is driving us crazy already, compared to last time sem6 we need to study one whole book of fmt in one week.

The 6 of them are going to the top recommended place by our seniors - KIRUNA, sweden.
Wish them have a safe plus enjoyable trip!!!

i wonder how my mummy will response if i tell her i have spent more than rm100 jus for the following...

but of coz i will tell her - i bought some nia, the rest i help hsemates to buy wan lorh. n sumore they gave me free 08' calendar eh. lolz.

Happie hols n merry xmas peeps!! n one more day for imu ppl to xmas break.. :)

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