Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bonfire Night! fireworks everywhere....

6 Nov, Mon

Yesterday was the day for FIREWORKS - its the bonfire night! U can see fireworks everywhere during the night, even if u are staying in ur room, u can hear noices from fireworks from time to time. Its legal to play with fireworks HERE!

Every year Glasgow celebrates Bonfire Night with a spectacular show including fireworks, lasers, live bands and a funfair on Glasgow Green. Throughout the evening, a programme of attractions, bands, music, entertainment and fun is in store, with the city's famous Winter Gardens as the backdrop.

About 30 of us left jbc at 6.30pm. And we hav met so many more after the event, n more in ALDI later on. lolz.

~the baby is so cute...haha ~

~ fifi, sue choo n me ~

The fireworks display itself is not to be missed. Set to music, over 50,000 explosions rock the city, multiple shots being fired into the night sky.

I curi this video from sue choo...hs n me edited the video...sounds has been removed after notice the 'sperm like' fireworks during the last min...that was interesting... hehe...

For more pics, visit uncle lim's blog > wm's blog

Is this place look familiar to u???? its george square after lighting up, during christmas. keke...

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