Monday, February 12, 2007

afta CNS DD2 class test! ;)

12 feb 07'

:) A BIG SMILE was drawn from my face when i turned over the exam booklet this morning!!

"give examples drugs for depression treatment, explain the side effects, mechanism of action.. blah blah blah.... "

it was the first time v hav spotted the right essay question, or rather the first time the lecturer (prof yeoh, thks :) ) actually reviewed us 100%tips on what to study for this test!

I AM SO RELIEVE AFTA THE TEST! ;) wanna zZzzz for long long@@

Instead, went to dear dear's place and had bacon n sausages for bfast ;p

NOW browsing website to check on notebooks updates.. i will be working a survey job tonite to earn myself rm100 token :) and perhaps can hav a pre-valentine's nite.. lolz..

hmmm... basically class before chinese new year is over dy, except need to attend a full day attachment day @hostpital seremban this friday..

Grab a complete class pic, for the past food fair on 16jan.. here is it..

* notice the colour changes from maroon, red, orange, yellow, n light yellow? it was our dress code colour larh.. ;p

klah enuf of blaaaabling dy... i wan to Zzzzzzz... here in library....really........... @_@

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