Sunday, January 28, 2007

rain's concert!!!!! ;p

27th Jan, Sat
Ryan,(last year known as jimmy, this year change his name cos his hsemate has the same name with him.. aihhz) sis bf called me last midnite and said that he has some rain concert tickets! Its FOC! ;) happie happie ;)

Headed to the concert@ stadium putra bukit jalil with my sis n dear dear..the concert was fantastic! rain showed up at about 8.40pm and u can hear screaming from his fans continuosly.. dont like his songs that much, but like his steps n the atmosphere alot!! the way he introduced himself from a submarine, the pouring of artificial rain from the top for more than a min, the lightings, the army(imgaes) dance, like them so much!!! ;) the concert ended at 10.40pm, ngam ngam 2hrs.. with rain saying 'sarangheyo' n 'thank you' to everybody..

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