Thursday, June 22, 2006

pj half marathon 06'... da eve of turning a town to a city!

18 june

@_____@ got up at 5.30am.. dad woke me up!! Dunno why my alarm not working this morning lerrr.. going for annual pj half marathon with family n frens..

afta registration, warming up, n da run flagged off at 6.30am for 21km, while 10km flagged off at 6.40am… bunggggg! Dashes off with kok hoo for 10k, and loses him not long later.. d whole journey was running alone ;/ errrmmm… was terrible to complete 10km without stopping, hav to keep da strong will all time of completing it as fast as possible.. ended up with position 27th.. out of 900+ participants in my category..keke did improve compare to last 2 yrs.. mayb bcos of world cup, so many runners didn’t turn out mah.. haha!

met aaron n kevin too.. aaron grabbed 36th... well done! where are da rest of my imu mates???? alll ffk lerrrrrrrrr!!! cissssssss!

Was exhausted afta da run… phuuu phhuuuu damn tired.. my calf and body aching like hell.. afta lunch, nap from 2-9.30pm, where dad woke me up anotha time, this time is for dinner…
* dare U to take da challenge of running 10km with me nex time ler ;p

Idling for sumtime n got back to Zz at 2+.. my first wk of sem4 ended, without any revision, lotsa parties, afta all, peacefully ;)

~ kok hoo + me @ 6.20am @ stadium kelana jaya! ~

~ da runners, me + kok hoo + benny + andy~

~ family n frens gathered for a run! ~

~ da exhasuted ME! ~

~ dad, happie fathers' day! ~

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