Saturday, April 01, 2006

phy pharm test!

31 mac

Hav had my phy pharm test today.. yayYYyyyyyyyyY! this is the expression of evy1 after the test! the test was quite okay, most repeated past year questions.. some of it i jus discussed with darren on the way to exam this morning ler... wow!! ya, one weird thing v witnessed was that there were 2 dogs actually crossing the road using the overhead bridge lerrrrrr ;O walaoooo they are really smart! :P

After the test, v hav a short practice of drama, as it was cancelled half way cos sr5 was needed for a class that time... "no no no no drama, no no... " this is what being hurmp in most of us as v dont really like to practice... hehe...

Later, with vb gangs went serdang for lunch, hav had lak tong (spicy soup, tot it is also famous in kajang? ), and fa tiu chicken (zheng zheng :P).. v wanted to book volleyball court but it was closed due to sembahyang waktu... qris will handle evything lorr... our sem2 life shall b coming back soon.. kekeke...

Upon reaching home, realised that my spec was out of nowhere... spent at least 5 mins to think carefully, where did i left it???? SR5??? serdang's restaurant?? darren's car?? vista badminton's court??? qris' hse???? i couldnt recap back.,.. aihhhhhzzz... den when i getting down from darren's car, realised it was actually stucked with the safety belt... phew phewwwwwww... relieved of getting my spec back... panic for nothing!

reached home at about 4, supposed to go UM to watch tkd competition.. but with my tiredness n lazyness outwith my will, i only made a calll to my coach to know the results instead of turning out... tomolo is my cucu-cicits time to perform luckSSS!

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