Sunday, April 30, 2006

heee =)

29 April
TODAY was a great day for me!

firstly, i think i slept at 5am this morning.. and i got up at 6.10am... @@ i remember adam woke up at 4.45 for cooking maggie mee, while wmeng was STILL studying, v talk about nasi lemak @sri petaling lrt station, which oly start business at 7.30am.. we could see lightning flashes from time to time... sign of down pour?

Got myself infront of imu front with adam at 6.40am... so many ppl were there alredy.. there is a charity run going on today.. super 7 charity run.. was surprised to see some of my bathmates here today - phuayfhern, voon yuen, xin yin, hui ming came for the run as well.. on the other hand, many were attending muet test in bukit jalil school, very dreadful test, from 7.30 till 1pm..

the weather was jus too nice.. it was drizzling when we were running..
3.....2.......1...... boooommM! prof ong wisled to flag off the starting of the run............................................................

secondly, i came home and slept from 2-8.30pm!!! i neva have noon napping for so long time liao.. but today i sleptZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... haha! am i pig enuf for today???

so de results of the run were quite amazing.. junie claimed to be first for female category, million got 4th, step got 5th, voon yuen got 6th, and phuayfhern got 9th... this phuayfhern was bugging me for a bronze medal b4 the run starts, now she hav got herself a medal, with her own Will.... weldone all.. congratsssssss...!

while on the guy side, patrick turned out to be 2nd, ven gee 4th, aaron 6th, vincent 8th, and me... amzingly, i got 1st.. haha!! huuuuray..

Me + Junie + Mr. Charmine

Me + Aaron

glory for pharmacy... yuen yuen + junie +me + phuay fhern

hmmm.. indeed feeling happie...a very satisfied, fullfilled with muscle aching day! =)

*my grandpa is out of hospital today.. he looks okay, but not yet fully recover, stil having difficulty in moving around.. stil under medications.. wish to see him get recover soon! =)

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