Thursday, December 15, 2005

outing with old buddies.. sing K marathon in de curve :P

13 dec ~
Got to meet up with my few best secondary classmates today.. giam, teh n meng yip.. we hav red box's session begining from 2.30pm.. and u guess we hang out IN ther till what time?? its 9.15pm!! hehe.. really geng :P only meng yip experienced voice lost in the end.. it supposed to end at 5.30, but v took the offer to continue till 8pm +buffet with extra rm10...:P

after red box, v yam cha at taman megah. only then mk turns up to join us.. 5 of us, really lots to talk, share, gossip... until it begins to rain at 12 then v make our way home! great to see u guys!!!

** FRENZ **

kinda miss of those days in secondary, those days in college..

feel that my frenz are leaving me slowly.. will we forget sum1 easily after hanging out for a few years, a month, or even a minute???

kinda agree with wat my fren mentioned.. time really matters... life changed.. people tend to forget each other as time goes by..

sumtime v jus mis to hav the initiative to make the first move to keep contact with frenz, or fail to turns up on outing bcoz of lazyness..

will u become one, who turns out to be "WHO CARES" type-frens one day???

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