Sunday, December 11, 2005

my very first blog in blogspot....

11dec, 1.41 am

i hav stop blogging for quite a long time, few months back.. hav tried blogging in multiply n frenster.. so far found our that the best are from blogspot.. so no harm for me to give it a try.. ;>

i should write a short n nice one here since it is my very 1st blog here...must not be chuang hei!!!

1) today woke up late, bout 10.30am... was thinking on orientation since yesterday's night.. was motivated by vyeaw... thinking on the orientation video.. got sum ideas.. wil share soon..

2) received a sadden news from jian, de unlucky qris masuk hosp due to constant vomitting.. consider serious.. was worried about her.. cant join jian n jo to visit cos promised to help dad out...

3) was relieved when knew that she was getting fine.. will check on her again soon..

4) was upset again during tkd class training, my team decided to quit the coming interclub competition due to politic probs.. haiizth MTA!!!!!! miss to enter this annual national competition... disappointed cos was preparing myself in the past few weeks..

5) v yam cha with auntie ting after tkd .. actually is her dinner with her family.. bad habits of taking late dinner.. not good!!!

6)now writing this blog, looking forward for a better, brighter tomorrow!!

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