Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be Positive, stay away from negative influences

My title "Be positive, stay away from negative influences" can simply be divided into two parts, i.e. "be positive" and "stay away from negative influences".

When we read any daily newspapers, 90% of them are sad news eg. Secretary admits to being a sex addict, Housewife drugged and raped during job hunt, Missing man found dead and so on. I mean, it is interesting to know about the stories, but after all it do no good but to affect our emotion. We become so afraid to try and to take risks. Or, when we talk to our colleagues, we will often hear complaints like "oh, today was a freaking busy day. i worked in the morning, afternoon and after office hours!", "i hate my boss, she is so fussy and always scold me without a valid reason!", "hey, did you know that ms.pretty has got a new boy friend?" and so on. Would these statements do any good to our life?

One of the wealth files from T.Harv Eker stated "Associate with positive, successful and rich people, as well as dissociate from the negative one".

The statement makes a lot of sense to me. It is our decision to choose how we want to live and the future of our life. Come on, think about this, isn't more interesting when we mix with people who questioned us about the future than the past. For example, "hey, what is future plan? How you want to live in another 5 years? And what are you going to do to achieve that?"

People who are too negative and avoid risk back themselves out of most opportunities because of their negativity and fear of risk. Make a decision today to change your future tomorrow.


PharmD said...

Being positive can be contagious as well. It spread like common flu. People around you will catch on and become positive as well. As a result, the entire team will perform at a higher level. Negative attitude will, of course, have a reverse effect.

Another good chinese saying is "close to pearl the surrounding will become clear/white, close to ink the surrounding will turned black" (sorry about the bad translation)

ti3nD said...

thks!!! definitely agree, and i am experiencing them now! :)