Saturday, September 05, 2009

A visit to Miao Miao City (Kuching)

Before i start, kindly tell me something that you might think of about Kuching?


Some might answer uncle lim,

snapping pics with his Canon 1000D

or mr Yeoh,

sms-ing with his exPedia Hp

Well, for the rest of you, I believe the first 2 things that come to your mind about Kuching must be Kucing (Cat) and Food!

The very first night when we (Jian, Qris and I) arrived in Kuching, they (Hsheong, Uncle lim, and Xiao wei) brought us to the Kuching Open Air Market for dinner. One thing very special in Kuching is about their drinks.

This drink is called White Lady (combination of milk + longan + Pineapple ),priced at RM2.50, famous in Kuching. I have no idea why is it called white lady. White Lady = Ang Moh lady?

(photo taken from google images)

Next, they have Tomato mee, keow teow or mee pok.

(photo taken from google images)

The next morning, we had the famous Kon Lo Mee in Kuching.

There are two types, white sauce and red sauce. Both very oily. Definitely prefer the red sauce, YES THE RED SAUCE.

After breakfast, we had a chance to visit the largest shopping mall in Kuching, The Spring Mall.

Then, we headed to another hawker centre for some local food.

The Hock Chew Kong Pia, tasted like heaven, RM 0.40 each

Sarawak Rojak

Sarawak Laksa

The 4 of them

and the 4 of us

KNN MCB LJ!!!!!! I am super frustrated with my internet connection! One hour dc-ied 7-8 times and i cant upload a single file!!! Even a 30kb excel file took a few mins to upload. I have all the pictures ready a few days back but i beh tahan already and decided to post it first. I will only post them up when my connection speed resume back to normal. P1wimax, i will not pay a single cent for this downtime period!! KNN...

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