Saturday, June 06, 2009

Re : khai's challenge

I would like to express my views regarding khai's post - a challenge to myself.

"Dear Khaiyong,

I hereby challenge you to QUIT your 8-5 job by the end of your 1 year term at the hospital.

You have until November 17, 2009 to prove that you can have a stable online home business running on minimal hours a day. Thereby allowing you to double triple your success when you work on it full time..."

I think it would be a great idea to earn money via blogging. I have experienced earning via blogging and i am still doing it as a part time side income to pay for my internet bills. It is very easy to earn - eg. my previous post earned me USD 2 = RM 7. It took me less than 3 mins to do it. However, in order to start earning, you need to do alot of reading, plus put in alot of efforts + time.

I will be following khai's blog closely because i am very interested to know his proggression in the business.

It is really going to be a big challenge for Khai because i can see that there is a sudden rise of smart bloggers since the past one year. Those who know how to earn via blogging will manage a few blogs in order to maximise their income. Khai's aim is a bigger one - to work full time home-based business.

I know it would be such a waste to quit being a pharmacist, but if you are able to become more successful by starting home-based business, why not give it a try?

I wish you all the best and we shall start supporting Khai by making daily clicks to and

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Khai Yong said...

hey man! bumped into your blog post! I appreciate your support man! The reason why im doing this is because I feel that I can achieve more outside of pharmacy work. I'm not quiting 100% i checked with pharmacy board they say can continue as frp at a later date :) catch up with u soon man