Friday, April 24, 2009

Some updates

5 weeks of Outpatient (OPD) - Done
4 weeks of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) - Done
2 weeks of Enforcement (Honeymoon weeks) - Done
4 weeks of TPN - In progress

3 months of salary = Gotcha

I did my TDM presentation with lee yin today. As what i expected, Kak Maz tegur me until i feel so cham. But i still like kak maz alot. She is a very good teacher. 'Tak kan you nak kak ajar you satu satu kan?', 'So, siapa yang salah sekarang?'.

Enforcement is still the best area so far. You go there eat breakfast 8am - 9am everyday and go back at 5pm zhun zhun without fail. You go out jalan jalan do inspection with one senior, so shuang! You can snake the whole day and the best pat is that you still paid the same. :)

I dislike TPN. Wearing full sterile suit and working 4 hours in the sterile room (no driking, no peeing, no air) is very tiring. =(


Anonymous said...

if you go bp must take picture of yourself standing next to my brother ok i want you to know how mini u are hahaha wtf

seriously, take pics with them. i wana see their pics before i reach home hehe i know ahboy fat already

eh dear i miss you. faster come and teman me hehe


Anonymous said...

im so bored ler wei T.T 11pm now and all i can think of is to sleep ler. should i sleep? just now i cooked fried rice and leek with thai fish cakes and also grilled peri peri chicken! hehe....sedap!!!=))

go back i cook for you. what you want? curry fish, sambal prawns, sotong, CRABS!!yes i cook crabs for u hahaha u just wait ok *drools*


Anonymous said...

anyway people, check out the group Diversity in Britain's Got Talent ok super good brilliant!and the part where simon cowell actually mumbled ''briliant'' i think or sth like that. zomg i almost melted upon seeing him smile haha.

but i love u best dear haha tata!

-very bored!!!-


Anonymous said...

ok la should stop spamming u here already haha i go pee now bye!


update ur blog more ok? dun play dota liao bad for ur eyes zzzzzzz



ti3nD said...

u said dota is my first wife? nope, my 2nd wife? hahas. i only got one wife lar.