Sunday, April 19, 2009

JB international fishing challenge

I happened to stop by taman merdeka for an hour to witness JB international fishing challenge before i work this morning.

RM 80 for 4 hours of fishing under such a hot weather is freaking expensive man!!

But there were still alot of participants. I estimated around 1000 participants today. Majority of them were Malays.

The main thing that draws the participant to this competition besides interest was the prize money being offered. First prize was RM10,000.

Participants turned out way earlier before the competition to choose their best spot. When i arrived at 8.30am, the place was crowded already.

The competition started at 9am sharp. Everybody were excited.

Within 2 mins after the competition started, one participant not far away from me caught a fish. FIRST BLOOD!!!! (if you play DOTA larh) Then a few secs later, another one got the fish across the lake. I was excited too, so i followed him to the weighing area.

And within distance, i saw many people caught fish.

This lucky guy fish a tortoise!!!

Then, this guy appeared - Abang Fauzan (he was the one who ajak me to this competition). He turned out 15mins after the competition started. There was at least 20 fishes caught already at that time.

A few mins later, this abang from stor HSA caught his first fish.

Before i went to HSA to work, i passed by the weighing area once again.

There were more participants who lined up to get their fishes weighed this time.

And these amount of fish that were caught.

That was merely 30 mins after the competition started. Wow!!!

I called abang Fauzan at 2.30pm and he told me he caught one weighing 5 KG+. That was his only fish for the day. Pretty impressed huh?


xh said...

eh.. all the fishy so gemuk wan!!

ti3nD said...

they are huge lorh!! too bad i didnt get to see the grand winner's fish which weighs 7KG plus.

huiyin said...

wait i go back i go fishing with u ok hehe...

then u go shopping with me hehe...



ti3nD said...

okie :)