Monday, April 13, 2009

Fountain kena gg-ied

I lost terribly in DOTA today.

LEVEL 1 roshan kena gg-ied. Sentinel line up - Omni, ursa, syallabear, drow, jugger. Ursa took aegis of immortal. Everyone from sentinel got 200 Gold and became level 2.

Omni, drow and ursa gang btm lane after obtaining aegis. Troll was killed and first blood drew. He then quited.

The game goes on with 5v4 situation. Throughout the game, we were killed and ganged continuosly.

In less than 50 mins and 3 trials, they broke our fountain. DENG. The syallabear even bought branches and organized them into words as below. DENG!!!



huiyin said...

dota language pffft

haha love u muacks!

ti3nD said...

aiks. :P