Friday, January 16, 2009

PJTC Taekwondo Party Night 2009

Petaling Jaya Taekwondo Club (PJTC) is one of the top established taekwondo learning center in Petaling Jaya area. It was a huge success for the PJTC Takaewondo Party Night held at Ding Martial Art Gymnasium (DMAG) last saturday. 39 taekwondo students turned up with full taekwondo uniform.

The party was welcomed with Charlotte posing with peace.

It was meant to be a party night, so students were asked to go wild and be sporting during the whole party. The aim was to live with a night with MINIMAL DISCIPLINE during taekwondo class.

Zhen Yang with a big smile.

We have Ethan on the left, Kenneth in the middle and Estelle on the right

Let me introduce to you our SUPER naughty girl - Zhen Ning.

The blur king who claims that he likes fencing - Nicholas

One potential taekwondo representative of Malaysia (in another 10 years time) - Wei Han

A potential leader in the future - Arnold

This party was better and bigger than the one we had in year 2005. One good thing to notice is that the number of students have been increasing from year to year.

Party Night Year Dec 2005


Party Night Year Jan 2009

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Random style

A big group combined of students and all parents

During the party night, students were also divided into 4 groups to play games. All the 4 games planned turned out very well.

We (the seniors) were trying our best to brief the students

And the students were listen carefully.
(The only time for students to stay disciplined during the night)

The first game was started with relay run with weight of 2.5Kg.

Zhen Ning was getting ready to dash off.

We can see that Lim was dashing with his greatest speed.

The second game gave more excitements to the students. It was a duck walk relay race. Students were required to walk like a duck and quack like a duck.

Next, the third game was solely depends on LUCK. It was a catwalk relay race. Students were asked to do catwalk and to play 'scissors, paper, stone' with one senior at another end.

At times, they were asked to compete in cheering in order to get them some bonus points. It made me feel like going back to Orientation time in IMU. My batchmates, you must agree with me that our orientation was so damn fun, right?

Parents were having a good time chatting and laughing while watching their kids playing games.

The last game required alot of skills and teamwork. Each team was ordered to pass as many rubber bands as possible in order to tie the hair for the queen. It was a really interesting game. It was copied from Super Trio Supreme show.

Zhuon n I demonstrating the right way to pass the rubber band

Yun Ken and Charlotte in action!

Uncle Eric and Wei Han.

Jia Tong

Christine - One of the queen's hair was tied this way.

At the end of the day, 'Bak Zhan Gai' group won and each received a small gift.

I have no idea what was i doing at that time. You take the guess.

After the game, it was supper time. All the food were sponsored by Petaling Jaya Taekwondo Club (PJTC).

There were curry chicken, fried mee hun, sotong balls, nuggets, french fries, fish balls, hotdogs and salads.

Students chatting and playing happily.

Sir was giving speech during the party.

Ti3n, Zhuon, Benny and Kent.

We were dancing before the end of the party.

My family and I. Dont play play arh.

A bigger family picture - with uncle Billy and cousins.

And a final one with all the family members present that night.

Thank you Benny for all the pictures.
Thank you to all students and parents for coming to the party and making it a big success. We will have another one next year for 10th anniversary of Ding Martial Gymnasium & Ding Taekwondo Academy.


Pam said...

nice article, it seems like a great place. I may take my kid there.

Anonymous said...

Very cool,
Loved the duckwalk!!:)))

Yoshi Yamamoto said...

The way you have narrated the party by posting the pictures is too good. Looking at this the lovers of martial arts will definitely learn Taekwondo. Taekwondo team uniforms worn by students and masters appear great.