Friday, October 03, 2008

Some updates

What is travelling to you?

To me, travelling is both fun and tiring. Before the trip, there will be some 'homeworks' to do before you get to your holiday places. Lots of booking to make. And lots of facts and tips to read. During the trip, people tend to try their very best to enjoy themselves, spend alot to see and eat, and so do i. However, the presence of snatch thieves will always be one concern. After the trip, you will feel very much relieved of all the efforts that you have put in. Or rather, SATISFACTION is the word to use. However, you might not 'like' to walk around in glasgow anymore.

I will treasure every single moment i had during all the past trips.

What was i doing lately?

I am a 24hrs-service-typed-husband here in glasgow. No more working in glasgow. (which means $$$ going down everyday sobs) Anyhow, i am still waiting (already 6 weeks) for the small amount of $$ from claiming tax (i was told that we can only claim the INCM tax while NI tax is not claimable). Enjoy DAGEI very much while lou poh go for classes. Downloaded lots of MOVIESssss using rapidshare. Watch SERIESsss when lou poh back from classes. Absolutely LOVE swimming. ALthough my gym membership has expired, i will still go for beginner class each thursday, trying to learn as much as possible here.

How was the weather these days?

Hey people, although still sunny day today, it was damn freaking cold when i walked to the cal lab this morning. So i checked the weather forecast page. And to my surprise, it was 6 degrees at 10am lerh! @_@ Autumn began last monday, the average temperature these days is 8 - 12 degrees.

Oh NO! This time 'lai yeh' dy...

Then i bumped into a v.o. staff when entering my loupoh's unit. I hesitated and walked towards the letter box, checked and came back to the unit. DENG. I was questioned "are you staying in this unit?" I said "No, i am staying here temporarily." Then she asked "How long have you been staying here." So i answered "I was travelling around and just got here 2 nights ago, i will be leaving for trip again this weekend! -_-"

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