Monday, October 20, 2008

On the progress

Swimming lesson on Thursday was something different. Emma was the instructor again. She was the one guiding me to do breaststroke for the past 2 lessons. Previously, i was learning from Jenma.

This time, Emma did not ask me to practice breaststroke or front crawl. Instead, she asked me an interesting question "do you want to learn diving today?"

The one illustrated above was for competition. I am not into that.

My response was "yeah, alright, i will try."

This one here seems abit dangerous too. Uh uh, nothing like that.

I was not greedy before this. As long as i can float in the water comfortably, i will be very happy. That is what i want initially. Now, i want to swim in breaststroke for at least 10mins, 20mins, 30 mins, 40 mins, just like running on the road. I want to swim in backstroke, staring at the ceiling relaxingly. I want to dive confidently, reappear on the surface of water and swim as fast as i can to reach the opposite side. I am so greedy now. DENG.

This is basically what i did during the entire hour of my last swimming lesson.

Umm, there should be 3 levels for diving. It is like this, level 1 - sitting dive, level 2 - squating dive and level 3 - standing dive. I am still at level 1 and i dived for at least 10 times already. hehehe. My nose was hit by water pressure during the first attempt. Then the subsequent ones hit my chest. It was not easy at all. Hopefully by next thursday (last swimming lesson in glasgow), i can manage to learn standing dive and i will be really glad if i can bring them back to malaysia.

One thing for sure, I have improved. Not only i can swim laps confidently, now, i can DIVE!

Next, confirmation on posting places for my fellow batchmates. Encik Osman confirmed that they will be informed on Monday. How many more times should they put trust on him? Anyway, good luck and update me on your posting place please. I have sent a few emails to Cik zamzarina to book my interview date, but there wasnt any reply yet. I have tried to call her each day during 3pm - 5pm but nobody seems to pick up the phone. What else can i do besides keep trying? -_-"

Spring cleaning? Nope. We did AUTUMN CLEANING here. The main pushing force behind it was due to House Inspection organized by village office. @_@ Today, we spent 7 hours continuosly (skipping both breakfast and lunch, though i cannot tahan and kept loading some biscuits into my stomach while cleaning, the other 4 gals gila one, no need to eat anything one -_-") to clean the whole unit, excluding personal rooms. This reminds me of H3 housemates and i working on our house inspection. So good luck G5 for house inspection tomorrow!

Last but not least, Lou poh keeps telling me that she wants to see him. She said this fellow is so so so cute that she must find a chance to see him. So we will get there to see him/them really soon.

Highland cattle, Isle of Arran, we are kam-bing (coming).


EdmondLee said...

One lucky guy ! Rmb how hs and me tried to dive into the pool, ending up damn paiseh leh...

Come back and teach us la!

ti3nD said...

yeah sure! i must learn it before i go back then :)

CK said...

Wah... geng wor! Gambateh!

ti3nD said...

ck : haha. still noob larh. at this age only learn swimming.