Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kena tagged lagi

5 things im passionate about:
Earn lots of $$$$
Watching my kids fighting (taekwondo is a sport okay?)
Watching TVB series

5 things i say too often:


5 books i’ve read recently:

Never read a single book after final exam -_-"
Lonely planet Paris
Lonely planet Italy
Chohuiyin's timetable
Oh ya, BNF :)

5 songs I could listen to over and over again:
Moonlight resonance sub-theme 林峯 - 愛不疚
Wang Lee Hom - Forever Love
Jay Chou - Qing Tian
JJ Lim - Yi qian nian yi hou
Eason Chan - 陳奕迅-K歌之王

5 things I learnt in the past year:
Live with good manners - always say please and thank you.
You need to fight to survive, in order to fight, you will need to be physical and mentally fit, as the saying goes "Only the fittest survive".
It is possible to earn more than rm 1k in one day.
To live peacefully with housemates - be automatic, be nice and volunteer to do housechores, dont always wait for the others.
The toughest part for Mpharm was during the 3 weeks final exam in May.

5 people i tag:
Uncle lim
Xin hui
Hui ming
Yeu lou

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