Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dinner @ Thai Lemon Grass

THAI LEMON GRASS restaurant - Winner of the Best Newcomer 2003, Edinburgh (The List)

And there is one in Renfrew Street, Glasgow.

The interior design of the restaurant is very beautiful. Be sure to make advance booking if you are going in a group.

The first time we went there was 2 months ago. We ordered Tom Yam with chicken, Thai green curry and Stir Fried beef with oyster sauce.

The TomYam was good. Stir Fried beef was alright, more or less like the chinese style food. But the Green Curry SUCKS man!!! Tooooooo much of coconut milk.

Then we went there for the second time.

This time, we had 2 bowls of steamed fragant rice with Deep Fried Sea Bass and TomYam soup.

My sah poh...

With a pair of 'new' specs!

and I...

With the big sea bass in hands!

Thai Lemon Grass Restaurant
24 Renfrew Street
Glasgow G2 3BW
Tel : 0141 331 1315

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