Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ADV - fantasy football updates

Catch the latest football news at WaiverWire Beta! You can catch the latest Real-Time fantasy football team and player news here. You can have them sent to your email or text. Each and every team/player profile are updated very frequently. From profile statistic, game logs, game splits, situational stats - you wont miss out a single important information on your favourite team/player. Latest player injuries will be updated regularly too.

Also, a football lover will definitely love this site because one could catch the latest real time Game Day scoring instantly. Besides being able to catch the latest scores updates, you will be able to personalised profiles for your fantasy football team, earn credits and start using this site as a social networking site to make more new friends.

Besides that, log on into the forum section, start discussing about your favourite team/player with others. Discuss the previous scoring and predict any future goals. Start showing yourself as a professional fantasy-football gamer by giving usefull opinions regarding every big match. Predict the winner of each match. Predict who will score the first goal.

This is definitely the best place to look up for fantasy football news. It has the latest feeds from PA sports.


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