Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paris 5 days 4 nights GG-ied Part 2

On day 3, our first destination was Eiffel Tower. We managed to get to the second level of Eiffel Tower by WALKING THE STAIRS.

Then we headed to Notre Dame Cathedral. The weather and the sky looked perfect.

In the evening, we walked around Moulin Rouge and the red light district.

Then, we spent a very good time eating McD and chilling outside the Lourve.

On day 4, we went to Centre Pompidou - known as the most succesful cultural centre in the world.

Then we did musuem hopping from Musee Nationale of Modern Art to Musee d'Orsay and finally to Musee Rodin.

When night falls, we took some great pictures near Eiffel tower.

On the last day, we walked around Pont St-Loius and Pont Louis-Philippe (claimed to be one of the most romantic spots in all of Paris!). NANI? @@ Then we walked to Notre Dame.

We had our last lunch in Paris in Paris Chinatown. The place was good. We should have eaten our lunch there during the past few days.

Since baguette is so famous with the French, not surprisingly, you will see chinese people selling baguette at Chinatown. You can get 'CHAR SIEW' baguette there!!!

Next, we had a hard time locating Pantheon. Finally, our last stop was at Baslique du Sacre-Coeur.

Pantheon(up) VS Baslique du Sacre-Coeur(down)

Paris trip GG-ied. Will post up more pictures in Paris when i am back from Ireland later.

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