Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last gym-ing and swimming session

26th Sep 2008, Friday - I had my last gym-ing and swimming session in glasgow since my gym membership is going to expire tomorrow.

The gym is fully equipped with a new set of sport equipments!!! But i personally perferred the old one. Right after gym, i went swimming.

Today, I am proud to share that I CAN FINALLY SWIM.

Thank you yhs for going swimming with me for the very first time in glasgow, for the subsequent times, plus joining gym together. Thank you edmond and sm for joining the gym together! And most importantly, thank you Jemma, Mark and sei ah phek for guiding me trough the beginner swimming classes.

I gave myself a swimming status of 1/10 during my second visit to the pool in glasgow, and now, i shall give myself at least a 6/10 for being able to swim laps without problems.


Dinner at Asian Style was very disappointing.

8.50 pounds for 8 pieces of sambal sotong was definitely overpriced.

Fried rice using nasi lemak rice suck!

Luckily, dinner was saved by this big plate of 'wak tan hor' priced at 7 pounds.

Asian style at glasgow GG-ied. Swimming and gym-ing gg-ied. I hope that i can swim more frequent in future.

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