Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ireland trip 4days 3 nights gg-ied part 1

People, Northern Ireland is a must go place!!!! Dublin is optional, Maybe YES, mayb NO.

It gave me a totally new, different experience as compared to the busy life in Paris/London/Spain/Portugal. We spent 2 days in Antrim (Northern Ireland) and another 2 days in the busy city of Ireland - Dublin.

We stayed in Sheep Island View hostel in Ballintoy, a very peaceful town in Antrim. Thank you Lee Kwai Hoong for the recommendations and tips, thank you qris for recommending lee. hehe.

So why Northern Ireland?

Long but worthwhile Travel distance - It took approximately 30mins to fly from Glasgow to Belfast. To reach Ballintoy, it took us a 3 hours bus journey from Belfast city centre. It was all worth it. The first place that we went to the first evening was Ballintoy Harbour.

Breathtaking walks in the evening - The harbour was a great spot for evening walk and also to catch the sunset. We spent our evening walking and picking up seashells there.

The same night, we had our dinner at one hostel-restaurant nearby. That was the only restaurant open that night.

The next morning, by following advices from a brazilian couple, we walked to carrick-a-rede rope bridge area after visiting the ballintoy harbour for the second time. This time, the gate was locked and we were unable to get near the seashore to pick up seashells liao. =/

Anyway, Carrick Island and Sheep Island have some really amazing views!!!!! Spectacular views - It will definitely make you people go W.O.O.W!!!

Erm, it was stated that Carrick-a-Rede means the rock in the road. The road is the sea route for Atlantic salmon fishes on their journey past Carrick islannd. For over 350 years, fisherman have strung a rope bridge 30m high to allow them to access the best places to catch the migrating salmon.

And we have to walk for 1km before we reach the rope bridge.

Superb weather plus naturally beautiful views on a lovely day.

I love the rope bridge so much that i crossed it again and again, just to take more pictures, plus to enjoy the superb views from the bridge.

It was finally our turn to get on the rope bridge.

Another view of Carrick-a-rede rope bridge from far.

Yeah, We did it! :)

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