Monday, September 01, 2008

A day out

First, i woke up at 10 plus in the morning, assuming that it was still 9am because i forgot to readjust the time when i reset the phone. After breakfast, i was shocked to realise that it was already 10mins to 11am. OMG >> 11.30am go out lunch lerh. So we decided to change the time to 12pm.

Where did we go? Rumours again :)

We(lpz, yh, sy and i) have chicken satays as starte since there is no lunch menu on sunday. It was really good. Beat eastern treats punya gao gao lorh.

10 out of 10 girls like tomyam. And so again, 3 out of 3 gals ordered tomyam with fried rice. Seafood tomyam priced at 3.80 pounds and chicken tomyam priced at 3.50 pounds. Fried rice at 2 pounds each.

That was my fish head noodles. It was highly recommended by all my friends. For me, it tasted so so nia, not bad but i still like the prawn mee the most. :)

After lunch, loupohzai and i took a bus to Braehead from buchanan bus station. I was attracted by the phrase on the website that it has "over 100 brands in 100 stores". There is also IKEA next to the shopping complex. In addition, there will be a ice skating ring beginning of winter and basketball arena for basketball matches or concert.

However, it was BIG DISAPPOINTMENT when i reached Braehead. It was just slightly better than Buchanna Gallery.

In less than 2 hours time and with no single photo taken, i started to feel very bored and so we decided to make our way back to glasgow city. Then we took another bus (bus 3 or bus 56 from union street) to Silverburn and we make it there at 5 mins passed 6pm.

And you know what????

Silverburn opening time is as follow :

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 7.00pm
Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm

DENG. We were late. So we ended up spending an hour in this chicken shop.

We ordered half a peri-peri chicken (with extra hot sauce) with a finos (portugese for posh) sweet potatoe mashed and a coleslaw at the price of 10.30 pounds.

Very da jeng - must go okay?

There are many different kinds of sauces to choose from and we chose extra hot and garlic sauce.

The ambience was really good. A very quiet sunday compared to a super packed saturday evening.

Next, we spend 30 mins in tesco searching for peri-peri extra hot marinating sauce!!!

Nando's peri peri chicken, watch out for my own roasted chicken! :)


~ming~ said...

Nando's!!! I had severe withdrawal when I couldnt find it in Glasgow last time!!


ti3nD said...

hahahah! nvm larh. In malaysia, Nando's malaysia is as nice and most importantly, they are CHEAP! hehe.