Friday, September 26, 2008

ADV - online sport videos

I have spent hours browsing through total sport video network, watching SportsVids today. There are alot of amazing sport clips on the site.

What is your favourite sport game? Who is your favourite star/role model?

Football is the game for everyone. It is a universal game for everyone. Everybody is just crazy for it. Famous world class football players included David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and many more. Out of all, David Beckham remains the hero in a football field. He plays midfield and he is the captain of England national football team. Here is a highlight video of David Beckham.

Worlds Best Soccer Players

From the recent Beijing Olympic Games 2008, there is one name that everyone will definitely remember - Usain Bolt. He broke 2 world records, both 100m and 200m run. He is the hero in Olympic Games history. Watch how Usain Bolt beat the rest of world runners in 100m Beijing Olympic Final.

Usain Bolt Breaks New World Record

Besides that, he broke the 200m record set by Micheal Johnson too. Watch the video of Michael Johnson.

Michael Johnson 200m World Record '96 Olympics

I like Bolt very much, he is definitely the star of Olympic Games. I admire this guy for everything - he broke olympic records at his young age, his speed is almost unbelieveable.

Another Olympic Star would be Michael Phelps. With the perfect body and unlimited energy that he owns, he became the swimming star of today after winning 8 gold medals in ONE Olympic Games.

Michael Phelps World Record 200m Fly

Last but not least, for anyone who hearts basketball, you must be in love with Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers too. He is as famous as Micheal Jordan as a world class NBA basketball player.

The best of Kobe Bryant


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