Monday, August 11, 2008

a very special day - 080808

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Hmmm let me think, that was a really special day.

There are 5 of us in the family and now 1 got married liao. Guess siapa tu?

A very first of all, big congratulations to my 2nd sis - eve and newly married husband, nicholas. They were registered on 08/08/08 and will be getting married later in november this year.

I wish you guys here : white hair till old age and long long nine nine ok?

What was i doing at 8.08am?

I was sitting in the train reading free Metro newspaper. Still remember a girl named Madeleine McCann who was missing since May 2007?

She was missing just days short of her fourth birthday and her parents were the primary suspects after the incident. The case was closed a week ago by the Portugese police and the husband and wife - Kate and Gerry McCann were cleared of being the aguido (suspect) as well. So, the couples ordered their own lawyer and journalist to analyse the 30,000 pages portugese police file.

The interesting thing being revealed was that there were as many as 3 witnesses actually spotted Madeline in Amsterdam, Belgium and Brussels separately, a few days after she went missing. There were police reports lodged in the respective places, BUT, no action were taken by the Portugese police.

There was also news saying that Madeline was snactched by paedophile ring to order from belgium. Read more here.

I seriously hope that Madeline can be found back one day, so that all the secrets that lie behind it will be revealed.

Any interesting thing during 08/08/08?

Nah. Not really. As usual - work, dinner, go ALDI, online, movie, sleep. I have a colleague who has worked for a year for morgan stanley and friday was his last day working there. He seemed so happy to leave. When i asked him "do you miss anything here?" He answered to me "Nope. I am very glad to leave. Maybe just the people." That seem very logic right? told you nothing interesting. But as usual, i will feel extremely happy when it is a friday - because i dont have to work during the weekend!

So tell me, what were you actually doing at time : 0808, date 080808. Here are the lucky ones that are going to be tagged by me :

1) lou poh zai - as usual, spread to your friends k. Dont worry about pp3 liao, there must be another interesting thing to share about right? :P

2) uncle lim - dont sienz there larh, dont work too hard for editing pics also, tell us what you did!!! :)

3) cyber-fish - okaylarh, Oslo could be a good place larh, sorry larh, tell me what you did on the special day!! kakaka.

4) Darren Wang - Time to update your blog dy, so share with us what you did besides watching olympic!

5) Kenny choo - this guy here sure got something big during this big day one. We shall see. kekeke.

6) Zh1 yong - do tell me your day in the hospital of kuantan if that was what you did during the special day! hehe.

7) wei thian - hmm dont put protected post liao (jkjk), tell us what special thing that you have done during the special day.

8) last but not least, everyone on my list larh okei? arigato.

Happie tagging each other!! :P

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