Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The short few days with family

As i have said, I have been extremely B>U>S>Y in the past few days.

Okay here is what we actually did in London :

1) I went to london last friday to meet my parents. After one whole year of not seeing each other, i feel really great to see them once again. Nothing much has change - my dad is still like that, my mum is still the same but my ah ma claimed that she has lost 7kgs and my bro look very dark now. In addition, i met my granny today!

2) We went around London city solely by walking and metro tube. Can you imagine bringing one 76 year old granny and one 72 year old ah ma together with you, walking up and down several hundreds of staircase steps in one day? We did it. I feel very bad to make them to walk so much. At the same time, i feel very proud of them!

3) We went to tower bridge, tower of london, london eye, big ben and the parliment places, london bridge, china town in less than one day.

4) This is a must go place in china town for food. It is cheap and nice!

5) One bad comment that i have is that the people in london have bad attitude towards the cleanliness in the metro tube. Is it very common to see almost EVERYONE to leave their newspapers in the tube.

6) We then took a bus from victoria bus station to london stansted airport and reached glasgow at 12.30am on saturday.

7) It was finally my graduation day then. More updates coming up next.

8) And we went to O'neils for dinner that night.

9) And its finally time to say bye bye to my family on tuesday. I sent them off to board a bus to glasgow international airport at George Square.

Good bye papa, mama, ah ma, granny and bro! cyaz soon when i go home!


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