Friday, July 11, 2008

My big day - Graduation day

Wearing the kilt is fun, but the whole process took 2 person to help me and it took 20 minutes to wear them on. Thanks for helping me! (jian, hs n sm)

Wait wait, im not going to a wedding, its for my GRADUATION day!:)

This graduation costed us freaking alot of money okay. First was 15 pounds of registration fees. Then 34 pounds of gown hiring fees. Then 45.60 pounds of kilt rental fees. Next, 10 pounds to buy academic transcript and finally 15 pounds to buy a graduation photo. (both are optional though)

Alright, next, on the graduation day, all of the guys wore kilt, here are the proof :

All of us. So yeng man.

Trying to make ourselves 'zhao kong'

New pose - Blocking one another, geng lerh!

BEFORE the ceremony

A closer look of us :

And some pictures with my dearest :

With my housemates :


We had the graduation ceremony in the Barony Hall. The place was nice and everything went on smootly - On time. We were seated according to Mpharm degree classes, namely distinction, merit and pass.

When our names are called, each of us will have to go up to the stage, knelt down for the professor to wear the hat (for merely 2 secs), proceed on, then another professor will wear the robe for us. The whole process took less than 10 secs for one person.

The complete video during the ceremony can be viewed here.
Look for me - 30 june 3pm, specific time, 25.32 - 25.42


Congratulation!! WE finally achieved our cert, which costed us more than
rm 200,000, countless of sleepless nights and lots of hardwork.

And this is my bro, Zhuon - proudly and happily present the EXPENSIVE cert to me.

With dad and mum

granny, Ah ma, mum, me and bro

Suddenly, we were called for a group picture infront of the side entrance of Barony Hall.

Hey, we are the STAR that day okay. Yes i mean, we memang are those BRIGHT STARS OF TOMORROW! Mr and Miss Pharmacist-pharmacist sekalian :

No deny that the number of camera actually outnumbered us!!

Wai, please do ignore my 'zhao kong' sexy legs alright -_-"

More pictures :

He is the man who paid all the money of my education. She is the mother who nagged me not to play computer and not to go out too oftenly. But they supported me all the way of my studying journey. Not to forget of the continuous trusts and hopes they put on me. Thank you daddy and mummy. :)

My soh poh!! Throughout my year in Uk, she is the one that i spent my most of the time with, infront of the computer with. Countless of supports and love, thank you lou poh!

Christine Dufes - Super nice french lecturer! Thank you for the guidance in the final year and most importantly, the super lenient way you marked our papers!

My housemates - We live in peace the one whole year. We cook, we drink, we study pp3 together! Continuos care and support from everyone. Thank you jian, vyeaw and hsheong! :)

Some proof to show our emotion during graduation day :

Thank you Mr. uncle Lim (dia punya bapa), he took some great shots for us with this beautiful scenery. And then a final one :

A final jump :P Btw, that shot was from my soh poh.

MORE random shots :

Gambateh wjiun, ur one in august is next! Send me pictures okay?

Semua orang hockchew dari Sitiawan, my parent punya kampung.

Qristine from long long river, will come find you when i go back later!

Darren $$$$. My buddy since primary 5. Wow.
shall keep in touch for life okay?

Wong ah moi. Nice background. When will i go Sabah again?

Alebugger. Find you in kajang for satay, futsal and dagei okay?

Khang wern from Jb and Yijie from Sitiawan. yum cha when?

lei kwai hung from kepong! Sure go there find you, no worries :)

Khai yong - Were in the same school since primary 3.
Gym? dagei next time? SURE.

Su miin from penang - Our GPS, will find you when i go penang okay?
and Tam ming from Sandakan - Your dad remembered me!! haha, and so do i :)

Some pictures with the juniors - some words for you guys, 1) gambateh, 2) enjoy your life here in glasgow, 3) time flies seriously, 4) enjoy enjoy and suffer, 5) then enjoy again :)

When we realised that the time was actually 5.30pm, we TRIED to go back to return our robe. But, some people were spotted to take pictures near jbc, so mah join and take lorh. nice view woot?

And a final final one, after returning our robe, a final one.

Happy graduation day guys!!!! :)

Good luck in your undertakings! Shall we meet again anytime, please be sure to say "Hello my friend, you look good today. Those days in the university..."

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