Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dining at Tiger-tiger

It was supposed to be a surprise but she forced me to tell her a day before. Everyone was We were told by the bartender that the grill bar was closed initially. Disappointingly, we walked out of tiger tiger. But our strong will kept us to keep trying. I called the helpline and the guy told me that the grill bar is open. So we walked in once again, and came to here :

The setting and ambience were really nice. I love the place very much!

The grill bar was very quiet and very good place for dating too! We enjoyed ourselved snapping with photos, with the help of a mini tripod :

Our starter was consisted of 3 big tiger prawns. It was called tiger beer with tiger prawns. Tasted superb.

And seriously, i love them.

We ordered a cocktail - cosmopolitan.

And she is posing with the cosmopolitan :P

Her main course was spicy chicken fajitas.

And mine was 8oz sirloin steak.

The steak was very dry. Chicken fajitas tasted so much nicer!

And our dessert was a lemon tart. Freaking 4.50 pounds!

Tiger-tiger is one place that you can get benefit from snapfax for so much! You get 50% for all food! 12.95 pounds for 3 course meal, BEFORE 50% off, isnt that a great deal?

Tiger-tiger, when are we going back there?

Happie 19 months anniversary to Us :)

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