Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spell it out loud, babe!



YIppeeee yay YayYy! :)

No more exams for my entire life!!!

But wait, i supposed everyone of us, yes everyone of us still need to sit for one more paper. aiiihzzz... -_-"

Its ...

The forensic paper (aka. phamarcy laws in malaysia)

That is it. No more!

The past few weeks were really REALLY TOUGH. Damn it. Crazy enough hor, pharmacist-pharmacist to be sekalian?

4 weeks of study break, then 3 weeks to sit for 6 papers, damn freaking alot of time to study rite???

Hell no. Time flies crazily. seriously. The memories during the day i flew from KLIA is still clearly captured on my mind.

No more please.

I have taken more than 30 tablets of paracetamol during these few weeks. Drank coffee every morning without fail. Overdosage of paracetamol can cause LIVER DAMAGE wan erh.

I still have to. To get it over that freaking period. And now it is finally over. Phew.....

In less than 10 days the results will be released. And that is gonna be the scariest day ever. EVER. Graduation is near too. How is your preparation?

Arguements. they are unavoidable. I just cant control myself well during the exam period. So to my lou poh dai yan, sorry k, lou poh dai sai :)

And right now she is suffering in the btn camp - senaman at 530am, ceramah for more than 10hours, sejarah test... blah blah blah.. you will read of what each of them complaining about after they are being released this friday larh.

Not been in touch with my bro since a month ago. So i dropped him a msg just now :

ti3n : YooooOo terengganu captain, how are u doing there? When are you fighting? blah blah blah...

and so he replied :

Zhuon : Im fighting on the 6th of june, which is the first day. and the first gold medal from me. haha.

He is in the army camp for taekwondo training since the 30th of april. Will be in-camp till the end of sukma in the middle of june. And according to my dad, they cannot leave the camp one, if not the army jaga outside will SHOOT them one. lolz. Living one month in TERRENGANU can survive arh? I went there once 2 years back and for that 4 days, i makan ayamas punya rice + ayam for dinner each day erh.

3 things to look forward :
1) spain + porto trip
2) Lou poh's arrival :)
3) Sukma

How is your feeling now?
1) i feel like to have a bbq session. But too bad cannot find kakis today larh.

2) i feel like going for a trip. But too bad i have no energy. nahhh. dont lie, all my 3hsemates ciaoz to italy dy.

3) i feel like shopping till the sky drop! but too bad i have no $$$$$. come on, the past few weeks u have been so guai sitting on the same old chair to study, you must have kept some $$.

4) i feel like blogging. missed blogging so much that i have the content flowing in my mind each day, but just couldnt find time to write them down in the past days...

5) i feel like GAMING right now. Yeah, that is what i want. :)

To all Mpharmers : Lets say it loud, GG Mpharm programme.

Happie Holidays peeps. And best of luck!

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yi shan said...

FREEDOM!! yeah!! haha..
best of luck to p105!!