Thursday, April 03, 2008

The power of caffeine

I have realised the fact that many of us here are depending on coffee to generally make us stay awake throughout the whole day.

"A cup of coffee per day, help you to do research project without feeling sleepy! "

As everyone of you have aware, coffee contains caffeine, which is a that has been widely used for its mild stimulant effects to central nervous system (CNS). It helps to reduce feelings of drowsiness and fatigue. For many people, it works. But they are some rare cases that it doesnt.
And for me, it works 100% too. Even if i only get 4 hours sleep the previous night, but a cup of coffee helps me to stay up late until night.

It has proven to be effective so many more times on me that if i drink a cup of coffee before going to lecture, it helps me to stay awake and pay attention throughout the 2 hours lecture.

However, regular use may lead to "habituation" and this means that there is actually no net benefit from use. Stopping of drinking may lead to withdrawal effects for minority of people as well.

It is exactly 24 hours left before dateline. how many more cups of coffee/nescafe do you need?

i have taken my last cup of coffee for the week this morning, how about you?

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