Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Im the dumb man here in glasgow. Around 10 minutes past 12 midnight, while i was doing my discussion bit of final year project, my sah poh sent me msgs in MSN :

sah poh : hey i gtg.. yieng and flora going also...

me : ohhh okay... go where ohh?

sah poh : i gtg dy. yannee and her bf coming to fetch us now.

me : har, go where???

sah poh : laundry bar

me : go to a bar?

sah poh : yeah. gtg.

me : ohhh ok. take care when outside yeah.

me : bye :P

me : eh wait!! i thought you need to wake up early tomorrow to go hospital???

sah poh : i asked ur permission dy. gtg bye.

me : WEIIIIII...

sah poh : Happie April fool! hehe.

me : aikss!! hahaha.. kena tipu!!!

So i kena cheated. that time busy and unaware of the time also. that time stil 5pm in glasgow lur, but turned 12midnight in malaysia dy mah. bor bian.

Anyway, If you are free, BORED-to-DEAD and have some extra credits, try this and have some fun!

Chinese take-away PRANK

Happy April Fool guys!

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Kenny Choo said...

Haha that's a good one