Monday, April 14, 2008

Best way to call for police!

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So here is the solution - When someone broke into your house, Just call the police and tell them that you have accidentally shot the robbers down. Within minutes, they will appeared right infront of you and all the robbers shall be gg-iend by then.

Still remember the JBC broke in first case 2 months ago? While my friends having confrontation with the 3 robbers (1 drunkard holding the big bottle, 1 fainted on the ground and another lady accomplice trying to help the fainted guy to flee), they actually shouted for help and asked the ang mohs staying below us to make a call to the police, but then they just ignored what they requested, and joined in the fun to watch the whole confrontation to take place. -___-"

Isnt it just sounded a little dramatic?

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