Thursday, March 20, 2008

You will be the JUDGE!

A friend of mine received an invitation letter to become a jury of the court. If he don't, he will be fined 200 pounds!

And right now, i have a serious case which needs judgement from everyone.

Swimming LESSON VS Clubbing

Have a brief thought on both activities.

Im very stubborn and i need advices/suggestions regarding the issues.

So the problem now is "If you can go swimming (at the wrong time), so do i, i can go clubbing too!"

Lets analyse the case a little bit more into details before making a fairer judgement.

Swimming LESSON
  • Oh yes, it is a beginner lesson taught by qualified trainer/life guard.
  • Time : 10 - 11.15 am in glasgow
  • Healthy exercise?


  • party with friends and everyone else
  • Time : 11pm till 3am/4am/or mayb 5am?
  • So called "exercise" too?

Is it too dangerous to dance all night or to swim all day?

Is it more risky to drive home after alcohol session or to walk home after muscle cramps?

Is it too unpredictable of getting drown in a pool or getting molested in a club?

You will be at greater risk of date rape!

"Clubs and raves are places where strangers come together to have a good time. For some people a good time comes at the expense of others. The more people around you that you do not know the more you are at risk of being victimized by a stranger. Date rape drugs are a big problem at legal and illegal nightclubs. Be aware and always look out for you!"

And also becoming one of the 2nd hand smokers when you are in a club.

Is it really that difficult to say NO to clubbing and

stay smoke-free for your loved one?


Pei Ling said...

Wah... very "deep" wor..

Why suddenly so emo one? =)

Anonymous said...

it's all abt give & take.. and understanding.


Anonymous said...

anonymous said: it's all about give and take. GIVING, not entirely taking.

if ur gf can give up clubbing for a year or more, why don't you just let her club?

to fear of her being molested is understandable but it doesn't justify why she can't go clubbing. if she like it, why not make some allowance?

it is obvious that your points do not support clubbing. it is a sport although not as healthy as swimming but you don't need to be on the way from clubbing to get involved in an accident. i don't hear that many cases of car accidents from clubbing in a year than i hear deaths from accidents during festive seasons.

if u think u are stubborn, maybe u should change. change your perception.because clubbing is not that bad after all. i've known of so many people with great personalities who club.

if u think swimming at the wrongest hour beats clubbing, then u are missing the point here.

ti3nD said...

obviously human being is selfish as i have told u!

we tend to protect ourselves. of coz i dont support clubbing, that is the reason i asking other opinions on swimming Vs clubbing this time.

one is a sport. while the latter not. night activity.

any further arguement, keep it to ourselve bah!

yieng said...

heaty debate here weh..
i wonder who's the anonymous...

ahmein0520 said...

what a isi tersirat blog entry..

ti3nD said...

nonid to take it so seriously geh. lolz