Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 10 funny and interesting pics

SPENDING hours and hours facing the computer screen just to finish up the essays is really stressing my eyes. Or reading the module notes again and again till like never ending is very stressing too!


- "Im standing right here" -

- "OimeEhhhHh" -

- " happy-go-lucky, dont tickle me anymore!"

- Since when jelly fish got legs huh??? -

- BIiiiisSh!! wanna Da Gao arh? -

- The newer generation of squirels -

- The Dick-like Chillis -

Last but not least, The Predator Vs The Prey ...


By the way, we need to say goodbye to winter really soon. Another 8 days left for winter. And we will expect sunshine everyday too! Time flies! Parents will no longer remind us to wear thicker clothes when going out. Flowers are growing when Spring is near. The long day time will once again appears soon. Do you still remember the old days where sunrises late and sunset at 11pm at night? The temparature was between 13-20 degree celcius, something like Genting back in malaysia. There were showering of rain drops almost everyday too! Those were the old days. And after 9 months, lets welcome Spring on next thursday before Summer!!!

Oh ya, and we will definitely miss the SNOW sooooo soooooooooo much!

"The first day of spring this year (2008) is March 20. The solstice will be at 5:48 GMT."

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tiborsho said...

cool pics.. ahaha.. very funny too ^^