Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A treat from liew

The 4 housemates cook together each day without fail. We are the most berjimat-cermat housemates dy. Recently, our appepite seemed to drop a little because of repitition of dishes each day. Our famous Curry chicken, Nasi lemak, Kung po chicken, Soya sauce chicken, Bak kut teh, Ma poh Toufu just cant satisfy us...

liew who realised our problem came today and she prepared something really different for us!!

Tadeang ~

dried chilli plus indian hot-curry-powder
vege stir fried!

Steamed eggs with mushrooms

Argh my missing-for-so-long-Fried chicken

Jeng jeng Butter chicken!

Wooohoooo 4 dishes lerh :)

* actually the steamed eggs hs cooked one. and jian did the stir fried :P

Reveal to you - liew

nah...that is just a imaginary bear.

Here is the real one -

Arigato Gozaimatse!!!!

Suddenly miss my baby so much...

My big baby is back today :)

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